Map Index

Below is a list of LizardNet Minecraft servers with mapping enabled, with links to the maps of course.

Note that the maps can be very large and very bandwidth taxing. Please be patient while waiting for them to load! They navigate just like Google web maps.

Mobile device users: Please note that the size of the Minecraft maps can exhaust the resources of many devices, including tablets and phones. Please be cautious, and aware that your browser may crash in the course of using these maps! (Author's note: Maps are unusable on my iPod and in Chrome on my iPad, and are very slow and occasionaly crash in Safari on my iPad (running iOS 7), presumably due to out-of-memory conditions).

The maps are generated using Minecraft Overviewer. For more information about Overviewer, please go to their website here.

Status of miscellaneous mapgen build components:

  • Mapgen init:
  • Server scheduled restarts:
  • Mapgen finalize: